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Township Trustee, Mark Messick

Township Trustee, Mark Messick

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The trustee is an elected official responsible for a variety of township-level duties:

  • Administering township welfare assistance
  • Preparing and maintaining a township budget
  • Preparing an annual financial report for the township
  • Maintaining White River Township cemeteries
  • Maintaining township owned properties
  • Establishing and enforcing a weed control policy for the township
  • Establishing a policy for the use of the meeting room at the township office

The trustee’s office may be best known for “poor relief.” The township may be able to assist persons in need living in White River Township, Johnson County if they meet the Emergency Assistance Eligibility Standards Township assistance will only assist with basic necessities and only after an application from a household requesting assistance.  If a household meets the eligibility standards they may be eligible to receive assistance with basic necessities like:

    • Shelter – rent/mortgage assistance
    • Electric Utility assistance
    • Gas Utility assistance
    • Water Utility assistance
    • Sewer Utility assistance
    • Other basic necessities for health and safety

Township assistance is unique in that it is at the discretion of the trustee. White River Township – Johnson County has adopted eligibility standards and if the individual or individuals applying for township assistance meet those standards there are only two questions the trustee needs to have answered:

    • Have the applicants done everything possible to help themselves before seeking township assistance?
    • Are there any extraordinary circumstances which can be documented which would allow the trustee to offer a one-time waiver of the standards?

Thank you for visiting our website and please call our office at (317) 422-1143 if you have any questions. We are here to help.

All My Best,

Mark Messick
White River Township – Johnson County, Indiana